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Word Color and Frame Choice

A word of the year helps keep your goals in focus.  This beautiful quilted sign is a great way to display your unique word of the year as a daily reminder.  At 4 1/2" x 9 7/8" it is small enough to allow you to place it easily on a shelf, desk or dresser yet large enough to make an impact.  If you prefer to display on a wall you can attach hardware of simply use a command strip as the piece only weighs 6-8oz depending on the size of the word.

Made of 4 beautiful woods including cherry, mahogany, maple and walnut it has been carefully assembled and treated to bring out the beauty of the grains.

Select from four word and frame color combinations:

Connect: Turquoise and Cherry

Gratitude: White and Mahogany

Adventure: Forest Green and Walnut

Integrity: Maple and Maple

How to order: 

1. Select the color combination of your preference

2. In the personalization field indicate your word choice and either cursive or print

All print words will be in capital letters.  Cursive will have only the first letter capitalized.  For words that have letters that dangle such as g, j and y they will often appear better centered using the print font.   Words will be adjusted to best fit the space provided while leaving enough of a border to showcase the quilted wood.

Please note that natural woods will have variations in the grains what make them beautiful.  Large knots or other deviations will be avoided in your piece.

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