How to find the perfect size of artwork

How to find the perfect size of artwork

My layered bears and other woodland animals come in a variety of sizes to help you find one that best fits your space.  How do you decide on the size of artwork that is right for you?  

First, think about where you want to display your piece.  These really work in any room in your home.  Maybe you would like it in a your workspace where you spend a large portion of your day.  Or possibly a space in your home where you like to relax.  An entryway or living room is a great place to display where you can share with your guests.

Once you have decided on the room, think about the surface.  I have limited release miniatures that will fit in the smallest of spaces, even a cluttered desktop like mine.  My smaller sizes are great for placing on an end table, in an office, on a mantle or shelf and larger sizes are perfect for making a statement with a piece of wall art.

Now that you know where and what surface it is time to narrow down the sizes.  When I am trying to decide one of my favorite things to do it to take a piece of cardboard, reuse those shipping boxes you have waiting to recycle, and cut out a visual reference to place in the space I am considering.  Alternatively, find something in  your home that is already that size. I always begin with the largest size I believe will can always cut it down smaller as you go.  Take that piece and place it in the perfect spot.  Now step back and consider, does it fit  your space. Do you like a more minimal style or a more full display of decor in your home?  How does it look from different view points in the room?

Can't find the perfect size from my current listings?  Did you know that I also offer custom sizes?  While I have my most popular sizes listed, I do have the ability to create a piece from 12-18 inches tall as well.  Contact me for specific dimension options for your custom piece.

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