About Us

Why Rising Joy Creations?

When you shop with Rising Joy Creations you will receive a beautiful piece of artwork inspired by and connecting you to nature.  Time spent outside whether at the park, in the forest, on top of mountains or on the water provides a sense of peace, wonder and adventure.  My mission is to bring that same feeling of connection and peace in your own home through my artwork.

You will receive a piece that I hope will become an heirloom for you and your family.  Attention to quality and details is paid throughout the design process, material selection, artwork completion and packaging/shipping of your special piece.  

A little bit about me

Living in Montana I am inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me. The majesty of the mountains never ceases to amaze. The wildlife, sometimes right out my back door, is abundant.  I want to share that through my artwork with you!

I've always loved creating in one form or another. Regardless of the creative medium I found that I loved layering and mixing patterns and colors. You will find most of my pieces have multiple layers to give depth and dimension to your special piece. Sometimes I find nature color pallets that inspire me. Other times I let the grains of the wood be my patterns and let the various species be my inspiration.

My desire is that when you purchase one of my pieces it takes you to a place you've been and experienced being immersed in nature or perhaps a place you've always dreamed of going.

Thank you for being a part of my adventure!

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